BWT pressure reducer D1 Red 40.16

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BWT pressure reducer D1 Red 40.16
In stock
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The BWT D1 pressure reducer protects water supply systems in single and multi-family homes, commercial and industrial buildings from excessive supply pressure in accordance with ÖNORM EN 806-2 in conjunction with DIN 1988-200.

It thus helps to prevent pressure damage, reduce water consumption and ensure sound insulation. The D1 is used for pressure reduction and adjustment of a desired back pressure and keeps it constant, even if the inlet pressure varies greatly.A uniform and not too high pressure protects fittings and equipment in the entire water supply system.

  • Pressure reducing valve for protecting domestic plumbing from pressure damage, for water conservation and soundproofing
  • Used in residential, industrial and commercial applications in 1/2" to 2", common face-to-face lengths for easy replacement
  • Highest flow capacity and perfect pressure control performance due to patented Venturi effect
  • High quality metal material; Gunmetal Rg+
  • First-class plastics from medical technology
  • Easily replaceable stainless steel filter screen 160µm
  • Scale visible from all sides for pressure adjustment without pressure gauge
  • D1 Red 40.16 for water temperatures up to 40°C and upstream pressure up to 16 bar
  • 10 years D1 warranty with product registration, installation by a specialist tradesman and operation as intended
  • Hygiene in no time
  • A reminder service can be set via BWT Best Water Home App, this ensures regular self-monitoring by means of a filter clear cup and easy-to-replace filter screen
  • App for saving water and money
    • The BWT app offers a setting aid for optimizing pressure and/or Cost reduction by means of water saving calculator (for DN15, DN20, DN25). The target value can be adjusted on the device without tools.

Technical details

  • Temperature range - cold water up to 40°C
  • Dimensions, design - DN 15 - DN 50 valve core, spring hood, strainer and filter cup in 3 sizes: I - 1/2" and 3/4", II - 1" and 5/4", III - 6/4" and 2"
  • Pre-pressure / back pressure adjustable 16 bar / 1,5 - 7 bar
  • Material filter strainer cup plastic
  • Material housing gunmetal Rg+ according to UBA positive list


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BWT D1 Produktblatt (bwt_d1_druckminderer.pdf, 723 Kb) [Download]

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BWT PRESSURE REDUCER D1 RED 40.16 via SHOMUGO - Dein Brand Store im Online Marktplatz
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BWT PRESSURE REDUCER D1 RED 40.16 via SHOMUGO - Dein Brand Store im Online Marktplatz
In stock


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