FineArt Print ~ secession stairs #2 ~ gerahmt

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FineArt Print ~ secession stairs #2 ~ gerahmt
In stock
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Staircase of a French chateau.

  • 80x120cm (frame 93x133cm)
  • FineArt Print - canvas on stretcher
  • Limited Edition of 8+2 AP's
  • framed in weathered ash wood frame
  • including certificate and serial number

The Concept

Many of my Lost Places pictures are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, however, the available space (whether at exhibitions or in your own four walls) is naturally limited. And sometimes you don't want to work through different options, you just want the work as the photographer intended. With each new image, I think about a version in which the image (subjectively) comes out best. The results are works like this - Exactly as I would present them at exhibitions and hang them on the wall in my home.


The Print

To ensure the highest possible quality and longevity, my FineArt Prints are made by an experienced master printer using a 12 color printing process with pigment ink on select canvas. Each original print is personally inspected by me before shipping and comes with a hologram serial number & certificate of authenticity.


Printing on canvas gives the work a textured surface and, because the surface is non-reflective, ensures optimal viewing from any angle even under difficult lighting conditions. It is not suitable for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms or outdoor areas.


The Frame

The story of each frame begins with the selection of wood at the wholesaler. I don't look for the flawless piece, but for wood with character- knotholes, cracks and the grain later give the frame a unique finish.

After that, each frame is custom made by my carpenter and left to the elements for one to two years. This creates a unique piece with direct reference to the image for which it was designed.



Different delivery time
93 × 133 × 4
Item weight:
12c FineArt Print Leinwand auf Keilrahmen (2cm)
Thomas Windisch

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