Universal heating circuit control UVR 67-HU

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Universal heating circuit control UVR 67-HU
In stock
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Universal control with more than 800 adjustable programs. The possibility of data logging and transfer of the function data exists by means of micro SD card or CAN bus. The universal control UVR67 has various thermostat, differential temperature, speed control and heating circuit control functions for use in solar systems and heating systems. The desired control function results from entering the program number.

The UVR67 is the successor and further development of the UVR65 and has received two additional relay outputs. It also replaces the UVR61-3, UVR61-GT, UVR63, UVR63-H, and HZR65.

Scope of supply:

  • 1 boiler sensor PT1000
  • 3 boiler sensors PT1000
  • 1 room sensor RAS+DL
  • 1 outdoor sensor AUSPT
  • 2 immersion sleeves 140mm
  • 1 roller spring
  • mains cable
  • assembly material

Technical data

  • Intuitive operation by means of rotary wheel
  • Status display for system malfunction
  • Legionella protection function, pump blocking protection
  • Collector cooling function, collector overtemperature limitation
  • System function control
  • 3 heat quantity counters
  • Time, date
  • 5 freely programmable time programs
  • DL bus and CAN bus for data evaluation via C.M.I. and for connection of external sensors
  • Remote access via CAN bus using CMI, UVR16x2 and CAN-MTx2
  • Transfer of function data via Micro SD card or CAN bus
  • Speed control of high efficiency pumps via 2 multifunction outputs PWM / 0-10V
  • Output 3 can be used potential free

6 inputs of the types

  • PT1000, KTY(2kΩ)
  • Room and
  • radiation sensor
  • Input 6: additional pulse input for volume pulse generator (pulse max. 20Hz) and wind sensor

7 types outputs

  • 5 relay outputs
  • 2 multifunction outputs: PWM, 0-10V


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Instruction UVR67 for beginners (Manual_UVR67_-_DAUG_1.05.pdf, 134 Kb) [Download]

Manual UVR67 all chapters (MANUAL_UVR67_-_ALLES_1.07.2.pdf, 3,467 Kb) [Download]

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